With experience developing technology since 2004 for its Geo-Political Simulator game (www.geo-political-simulator.com), a realistic geopolitical simulation game, Eversim has developed a branch of “serious gaming” in its activity. Eversim thus produces crisis simulation software, designed to teach and train for the defense and security sectors, and notably for NATO.


Technology and know-how from video gaming used for the benefit of e-learing and training simulations:

  • authoring tool accessible to trainers
  • interactive scenario creation tool using intuitive drag & drop system.
  • real-time 3D applications
  • applications running in multi-players / multi-users network, including local and distant observers and moderators
  • user statistics and performance evaluation
  • use of multimedia technology: video, sound, images, web.
  • AI for agents, avatars, and groups
  • simulation engines, macroeconomic and diplomatic databases