Our products are designed around a powerful object-oriented C++ library dedicated exclusively to video-game design. This multi-platform library enables us to design games for consoles and computers.

It is used by all project developers, affording great efficiency and code reusability. This method facilitates product maintenance and development capacity.

  • a multitask engine(event-oriented, and entity-class programming)
  • a 3D engine using powerful 3D technologies (DirectX & OpenGL ES)
  • a physics engine with object hierarchy (dynamics, collisions, particles, skeleton animation)
  • a module dedicated to massively multiplayer network gaming supporting powerful technology solutions.
  • a module dedicated to AI programming (pathfinding, behavior by adaptative or neuronal AI)
  • a module dedicated to in/out and operating system (pad, mouse, keyboard, disc, memory, clock)
  • a multimedia module (video streaming, mp3 player, 3D sound)
  • a built-in profiler module to facilitate optimisation and debugging
  • a localisation module including full support of unicode
  • a DRM & VERSIONING module: for encrypting, registration, and automatic patches system for end users.